109: The Self-Empowered Woman: Barbara Pym

Dear Followers, I've been asked so often about where I get ideas for The Self-Empowered Woman Blog. Often I read about high-achieving women in newspapers or magazines, and sometimes I'll learn about someone amazing on TV. Today's subject, however, came to me courtesy of my brother-in-law, David Yuratich, who was visiting from California. We were discussing "worthy" books and authors, and he told me about the amazing British writer, Barbara Pym … [Read more...]

35. Emma and Iraq

Dear Followers, It's been a busy post-birthday pre-Thanksgiving week. Kravis Center concert, three different parties, and a book talk all kept me away from the blog, but I'm back with the story of yet another Self-Empowered Woman. I was intrigued by a story on the front page of today's Palm Beach Post about rebuilding Iraq that bore the headline "$53 billion spent since 2003 - and little to show for it." So it seemed like the perfect time … [Read more...]