Throwback Photos Marilyn Murray Willison

marilyn bruce Jenner3.

Bruce Jenner and me. Just before the 1984 LA Summer Olympics because I was syndicating one of his fitness books.

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Geoffrey , B.G. and me. This photo was taken in 1980, for the back of the book cover for the hardbound issue of #DiaryOfADivorced Mother. My two sons and I were seated on the steps to our backyard in Glendale, California, and the future success of the book surprised everyone–especially me!

Marilyn equestrian photo with sons

Geoffrey, B.G., and me. This is a photo that was taken in 1983 on the front doorstep of our California home as my sons and I were on our way to a Saturday morning at the stables. Those were glorious days!

Marilyn Throwback Thurs WK#8 MMW and Michael Caine

Michael Caine and me. This photo was taken in the late 1980’s #LosAngeles on one of my trips from London in the late 1980’s. I would travel to L.A. about every six months, and return to the paper with a variety of celebrity interviews. I had known Michael for several years, and had been to his home, but this meeting was at the #BeverlyWilshireHotel.

Marilyn Throwback Thurs WK#1 Herbie Les Mis

Herbert Kretzmer and me at Joe Allen’s Restaurant in London. For everyone who has loved the play and/or the movie of #LesMiserables, this is the man who wrote every word of the production. This photo was taken at Herbie’s retirement party from the Daily Mail, where he and I were colleagues together in the entertainment department in 1987.

Marilyn Throwback Thurs WK#2 MMW and Corbin Bernsen

Corbin Bernsen and me in London. 1988. I met Corbin Bernsen in London when he was starring on “L.A. Law.”

Marilyn Throwback Thurs WK#3 MMW and George Hamilton

George Hamilton and me in London. 1986. When I lived in London, my editor asked me to have lunch with George Hamilton to find out why so many women (Elizabeth Taylor, etc.) liked him. He was incredibly charming, and I could understand why any woman would like him–one of his rules was to eat before going to a dinner party so he could pay more attention to his hostess and/or whatever woman he would be seated next to. He appears so tall because he is standing on a different step.

Marilyn Throwback Thurs wk#5 Celeb 1-6 5 Paul Daniels

London 1987 Paul Daniels and me. This man, Paul Daniels, was–while I was working in London–a very popular magician who had his own TV show. He truly was a household name in England, and could always make me laugh. I still don’t have a clue about how magicians do their tricks.

Marilyn Throwback Thurs WK#4 MMW Oct 21 1985

London October 21, 1985 This was my headshot for London’s Daily Mail newspaper, and it appeared along side my byline on most of the article/interviews that I filed. At the time this photo was taken, I was pretty unsure of myself because everything about living in London was different from what I had known in L.A.

Marilyn Throwback Thurs wk#6 Celeb 1-6  Anthony Andrews

London 1988 Anthony Andrews and me. Anthony co-starred with Jeremy Irons in the lavish BBC production of “Brideshead Revisited,” which was the “#DowntonAbbey” of its time.

Marilyn Throwback Thurs WK#10 MMW Hector Barrantes

Greenwich, Connecticut July 22, 1986 Hector Barrantes and me. We were together on the polo field the day before we returned to London for the Royal Wedding of his stepdaughter, Sarah Ferguson to Prince Andrew. I first met Hector, an extremely successful polo player, when I visited his polo ranch outside Buenos Aires to interview Sarah’s mother…

Marilyn Throwback Thurs WK#7 MMW and Jackie Collins

1986 Jackie Collins and me. This photo was taken at the Ritz Hotel in London, while I was interviewing Jackie Collins. At the time, she enjoyed wearing mis-matched earrings as part of her signature look. For years she had lived in her sister’s (Joan) shadow, and was thrilled that her books had become so successful. She was a delightful interview because she was open and unpretentious–just like her best-selling novels.

Marilyn Throwback Thurs WK#9 MMW and Joanna Lumley

1987 London Joanna Lumley and me. This photo was taken at a “tea dance”. American viewers probably know her best from “#AbsolutelyFabulous,” but in England she has been a pop actress her entire career and much admired for her beauty.

Marilyn Throwback Thurs WK#6 MMW and Jane Seymore

St. Catherine’s, near Bath in 1987 Jane Seymour, her son Sean Flynn and me. Jane invited me to her mini-castle, I had been to her home in L.A. in 1985, and the two places couldn’t have been more different–one totally Californian and the other very traditional and British.


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