238: The Self-Empowered Woman: Because I was a Girl

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It’s no secret that I am one of millions of American women who were deeply saddened that we still have to wait (again) to have a female president. Like so many feminists, I had hoped that the glass ceiling that has “contained” our gender for so long would have shattered for good last Tuesday evening. Unfortunately, that was not to be.
As you know, each of my blogs has attempted to show the strength and resilience of women throughout the ages. But a recent New York Times article selected responses—from over 1,200 replies—from women who had experienced gender discrimination of various types as either girls or women. For me, it began when—in elementary school—I wrote for information about becoming an astronaut and received a letter saying that only boys were eligible to join the space program.

I hope you will look at the short excerpts below, and be inspired by these women who refused to accept the word “No.” (This just happens to be the topic of Chapter Eight of The Self-Empowered Women.) I rarely include hyperlinks in my blogs, but this one is so important that I wanted to share these stories with everyone. Please click: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/12/us/because-i-was-a-girl-i-was-told.html?_r=0


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