One Woman, Four Decades, Eight Wishes: A Journalist’s Memoir of Challenge, Change and Growth

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A Baby Boomer’s relevant memoir that reviews major life events—from an unusual childhood, UCLA, career success as a London-based international journalist, thorny relationship issues, to discovering ways of accepting the harsh realities of living with MS (Multiple Sclerosis), and becoming wheelchair-dependent. A courageous, honest and inspiring conversation about the value of optimism, and the importance of learning how to cope with life’s emotional and physical challenges.


Advance praise and blurbs:


Several years ago, when Marilyn Murray Willison interviewed me in London, I watched as she coped bravely with her challenging health issues; her struggle made such an impression in me.  After reading “One Woman, Four Decades, Eight Wishes,” I now know that she’s also courageous, determined and valiant.  Her memoir was a real eye-opener. It was also inspiring as well as a page-turner. Hats off to a true heroine and unique writer.

Barbara Taylor Bradford, Worldwide best-selling author of CAVENDON HALL and A WOMAN OF SUBSTANCE


Marilyn Murray Willison brings a unique and vivid perspective to her entrance into Act Three of an adventurous life, redefining the goals of her younger self to embrace her present state and finding real gold in the mine fields of age and infirmity.  This book is full of brave confessions and wise insights. I applaud Marilyn’s honesty and courage, and feel privileged to have shared her awe-inspiring journey.

Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey, New York Times best-selling author of A WOMAN OF INDEPENDENT MEANS


Accomplished author and journalist Marilyn Murray Willison, like so many of us, turned 65 and wondered what it all meant and where it all went: the dreams, the plans, the goals.  In her new memoir, she explores the twists and turns her fascinating life has taken, and comes to the conclusion that we over-65s need to let go of the old dreams and create new ones.  Her book is an invaluable guide to embarking on the new exciting journey that awaits all of us.



Marilyn’s poignant words speak to women of the Baby Boomer generation in an honest, compassionate and introspective way. If you are part of this growing demographic, you will surely be inspired and find validation in her words.

Nancy Davis, Founder of Race to Erase MS



A book about coping with a progressive disease doesn’t have to be scary or depressing.  In ONE WOMAN, FOUR DECADES, EIGHT WISHES, Marilyn Murray Willison gets it right with engaging, candid writing in a memoir that embraces—with grace and defiance—the challenges so many of us with multiple sclerosis face.

Dave Bexfield, Founder of


I have the greatest admiration for what Marilyn Murray Willison has accomplished in her new memoir.  I am overcome by the depth of sincerity and honesty in this book.  Truly heart-felt.  I couldn’t stop turning these pages, which were written by a very courageous woman.

Marcia Chellis, New York Times best-selling author of LIVING WITH THE KENNEDYS: THE JOAN KENNEDY STORY and THE GIRLS FROM WINNETKA


“Marilyn writes with lucidity and depth about finally crossing the Baby Boomer threshold of turning 65.  Her memoir is interspersed with humor, struggles, triumph and wisdom.  It’s an honest, inspiring book that avid readers will both enjoy and use as a guide.  Life’s road is never straight, but somehow Marilyn navigates the course and invites us to take the journey with her.”

Heidi Kingstone, author of DISPATCHES FROM THE KABUL CAFÉ


“I enjoyed reading “One Woman, Four Decades, Eight Wishes” because every page held my interest.  It is an inspiring memoir, and I know that countless other readers will benefit from—and be enriched by—sharing Marilyn’s unique journey.  The hours it takes to read this book is time very well spent.

Arnold Shapiro, Academy Award and Emmy Award winning producer of Scared Straight, Rescue 911, Big Brother, etc.


In this engrossing memoir, the author’s story made me realize that most of us take life and its riches for granted—until illness strikes or deteriorating health makes even ordinary things difficult.  Marilyn’s brave MS struggle shines through with clarity and intensity.  I love her inspiring “Never give up!” attitude.

Elisabeth Tretter, former Executive Editor, MIRABELLA magazine.


Any woman who has wrestled with growing older will celebrate what Marilyn Murray Willison has accomplished in her latest book. She has captured issues ranging from affection to employment to health and vanity with charm and honesty. This is a book I’ll be enthusiastically giving to all my girlfriends.

Connie Glaser, best-selling author and columnist


“Marilyn Murray Willison is an inspiration to many people. She is a powerful and kind spirit, and I loved reading One Woman, Four Decades, Eight Wishes.”

Camille Grammer, former original cast mate of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills