Diary of a Divorced Mother

205_frdiaryofdm2“Her book’s positive outlook will help a lot of single parents feel better about themselves, their kids and their lives together. BRAVO!”

“Diary of A Divorced Mother not only has a great deal of value to say to divorced women, but also has a strong message for all women readers as well.” Adela Rogers St. Johns

“Ms. Willison has an uncanny ability to touch the experience of all women. After reading any page of this book one can say, ‘Yes!’ –a sad ‘yes’ or a glad ‘yes’ but most of all a triumphant ‘yes!’ This is the diary of a winner!” Eleanor Perry

“Left with two small sons to raise alone and a stack of bills to pay after a painful divorce, a 27 year old woman suffers all the panic, hurt, and anger you would expect.  Ahead of her lies the struggle to pick up the pieces of her life–to overcome her loneliness, to provide the income her family needs, and to win back her own self-esteem.Marilyn Willison has been there and won the battle.  Now with extraordinary wisdom and openness, she shares the joys, sorrows, and the courageous determination that helped her take control her life and find happiness, and astonishing success.”