The Self Empowered Woman : 17 Characteristics of High Achievers

The Self-Empowered WomanThe Self-Empowered Woman explores and examines the elements that contribute to the making of a high-achieving woman’s life. For each of the 17 chapters there are mini-biographies of four women who exemplify the trait under discussion, and one of the four has been personally interviewed by the author. Information on the other three has been gathered from biographies, autobiographies and secondary-source research material. Each chapter ends with five exercises designed to help the reader learn how to incorporate the trait into her own life. Following that is a list of ten additional women whose lives have also incorporated that chapter’s specific trait. The accomplished women profiled in the book – from astronauts to actresses – come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds (Black, Anglo, Asian, and Hispanic), talents, nationalities, and levels of achievement.




“Just reading the names of all the women interviewed by Marilyn Murray Willison was enough to catch my interest. But I found that once I actually started reading this book I couldn’t stop. Share it with the young women in your life. It will inspire them and prove yet again that it’s determination more than anything else that makes all the difference. You’ll never look at these women or their accomplishments in the same way again.”

“This is an inspirational and motivating book. I really enjoyed reading all the different mini-biographies in The Self-Empowered Woman. If you like success stories, you’ll feel the same way, too.”
DEBBIE RODRIGUEZ Kabul Beauty School

“I’ve long had both a personal and a professional interest in understanding what separates those who succeed from those who don’t, and identifying which personal qualities drive success. Marilyn Murray Willison’s new book, The Self-Empowered Woman, demystifies the secret and makes ‘success’ accessible. Read this book because it will motivate you – whatever your age – to make your own dream come true. I’ll bet you won’t be able to put it down… I couldn’t!”
ALISON SWEENEY NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” and “Days of Our Lives”

“Success is not measured by heights attained, but by obstacles overcome. Marilyn has overcome tremendous obstacles in her life and is one of the most successful people I know.”
BRUCE JENNER Olympic Decathlon Gold-Medal Winner

“For anyone who is curious about what it takes to be successful, this book is required reading. Marilyn Murray Willison leads the reader on a fascinating investigative journey to identify the traits that enable ordinary women to accomplish extraordinary goals. An inspiring look at accomplished women and the shared traits that have shaped their lives and achievements. Buy this book for yourself and every other important woman in your life.”
CONNIE GLASER Columnist, Author, Keynote Speaker

“Marilyn Murray Willison’s enlightening study of feminine pluck, determination and success, The Self-Empowered Woman, should be read by women of all ages, all backgrounds, and all goals to learn that achieving success is not a matter of circumstances, but a matter of thought pattern and behavior pattern. If you want to have control over your life, read The Self-Empowered Woman and know what you can do.”
JOHN LORING Former design director for Tiffany & Co., and author of over 20 “Tiffany Style” books



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