240: The Self-Empowered Woman: Clare Hollingworth

Dear Followers, Last Wednesday, the first female war correspondent died in Hong Kong at the age of 105. Today, journalism is—for the most part—a relatively gender-free career, but it wasn’t always that way. Hollingworth, the most fearless of British women war writers, was born on October 10 th , 1911 in central England. Historians believe that the seeds of her future career were planted when—as a young girl she was able to visit historical … [Read more...]

239: The Self-Empowered Woman: Gretchen Carlson

Dear Followers, For the last blog of 2016, I have chosen to write about a controversial—but newsworthy—accomplished woman. Gretchen Carlson first became a household name back in 1989, when she became Miss America. She grew up in  Anoka, Minnesota, where her grandfather was the Pastor of what was then the second- largest Lutheran Church in the U.S. As an adult, Carlson has been a dedicated Sunday School teacher  (3: Belief In The Unbelievable). … [Read more...]

237: The Self-Empowered Woman: Svetlana Alexievich

Dear Followers, During the past couple of weeks there has been a lot of attention devoted to the fact that Bob Dylan just won the Nobel Prize for literature. After all, it’s unusual for an iconic recording artist to receive such a prestigious award. But today, I would like to introduce you to the woman who is considered to be the first journalist who has ever won the Nobel Prize in Literature—a Belarusian investigative journalist who is a … [Read more...]

221: The Self-Empowered Woman: Ida Tarbell

Dear Followers, Last month, I was lucky enough to attend a lecture by Doris Kearns Goodwin, the Pulitzer Prize winning author of The Bully Pulpit, and meet her afterwards. Naturally, the moment I got home I immersed myself into her joint biography of Theodore Roosevelt and William Taft. Since my father was born in 1903, the events in her book were of special significance to me--I even have Daddy's original teddy bear, the popular childhood … [Read more...]